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The guidance program aims to nurture students' social/emotional well-being, academic achievement, and career readiness through various individual and group activities. Parents are urged to communicate with the School Counselor for any concerns related to their child's welfare in school, and their input is crucial for addressing school adjustment issues. The Title I federal program supplements this initiative by providing additional services, with its implementation at Edward Fenn School being tailored based on assessments and teacher input.

Guidance Department

The focus of the guidance program is to foster healthy social/emotional well-being, academic success and career preparedness of all students. The success of all students is ensured through individual, small group, and whole class activities.


Parents, as well as students, are encouraged to contact the School Counselor should a need arise. The Counselor is available concerning any issue deemed connected to the care, welfare, safety, and security of every student within our school.


Different events can occur that impact on student performance. Please do not hesitate to call if your child is having school adjustment problems. Parental input is valued and a necessary part of finding effective solutions.


A written copy of the Edward Fenn Elementary K-5 Comprehensive Guidance Plan is located in the Guidance Office and Building Administrator’s Office for your review.

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Title I

Title I is a federally funded program providing supplemental services in public and private schools. Programs vary in different communities. The program in the GRS school district is a Targeted Assistance Program in place at the Edward Fenn School. Students qualify for the program through a series of assessments and teacher input.

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