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Your child's adventure towards learning and growing starts right here. You will find fun and helpful resources to support your child on this exciting educational journey. By taking part and sharing your ideas, you help make our school a lively and friendly place for discovery and making friends. We can't wait to see all the wonderful things your child will achieve and contribute.

Report Card & Curriculum Parent Guide

The Edward Fenn Elementary School's Curriculum Parent Guide provides an in-depth look at the school's K-5 educational approach, aligned with Common Core Standards. It covers key subjects like Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and incorporates specialized assessments and social-emotional learning programs.

A navy-blue hardcover notebook rests on a wooden surface. The cover features an illustration of a cheerful husky puppy reading an open book.
A smartphone, tablet, and laptop displaying educational software dashboards, all set against a teal background.

Alma Gradebook

EFS utilizes Alma SIS as its primary school management system. This platform streamlines our administrative processes, manages student data, tracks attendance and grades, and fosters communication between the school and families. It aids in ensuring efficient organization and access to pertinent information for our community.

EFS Handbook

The EFS Handbook provides essential information for parents and students. It outlines the school's mission, policies on attendance and truancy, student rights and responsibilities, and staff details. The handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to ensure a successful and enriching educational experience for all.

A light gray hardcover book stands vertically on a pale background. The book cover displays a 3D embossed illustration of a husky puppy's face.
An overhead view of a wooden desk with various monochromatic items, including notebooks, papers, and a poster. The poster prominently displays 'NEW HAMPSHIRE' with various illustrations and symbols. Nearby is a calculator, some notepads, pens, and a small clock.

NH Statewide Assessment Information

If your child is enrolled at Edward Fenn Elementary School, they will participate in standardized tests in subjects like English, Math, and Science as mandated by New Hampshire state law. These tests are crucial for tracking your child's academic progress and tailoring future instruction. The document also outlines how you can opt out of these assessments and where to access your child's test results.

Information included in the Family Portal:

  • Your child’s NH SAS summative results

  • Individual score report with interpretive guides to download and print

  • Glossary of assessment terms

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Other resources

Family Portal login Information can be provided by request 603-466-3334

Into Math & Into Reading

Into Math on the HMH platform is a K-8 curriculum that enhances students' understanding and fluency in mathematics through robust assessments and personalized practice. Into Reading, tailored for grades K-6, is a comprehensive English Language Arts program that provides rich content and resources to bolster literacy development.

To login you must use you child's school assigned Google Account.

A vibrant and colorful circular emblem labeled 'HMH PLATFORM' surrounded by various educational and digital symbols, including calculators, books, pencils, glasses, and app icons against a gradient blue background.
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