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Title I

What Is Title I?
Title I is a federally funded program providing supplemental services in public and private schools. Programs vary in different communities. The program in the GRS school district is a Targeted Assistance Program in place at the Edward Fenn School. Students qualify for the program through a series of assessments and teacher input.

What Is The Goal?
The purpose of the program is to give children extra support in reading in order to meet the state’s high academic standards.


Title I Parent/School Compact:
Any school receiving Title I monies are required to issue a Parent/School compact. Compacts outline how parents, school staff, and students will share responsibility for student achievement. Parent input concerning the compact is encouraged.


Parent’s Right to Know:
Parent’s with students attending a school receiving Title I funds may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teacher(s) including the following:


  • Whether the teachers have met State qualifications for grade levels and subjects taught.

  • Whether the teachers are teaching under emergency or other professional status that the state has waived.

  • The degree major of the teachers and any other graduate certification or degree.

  • Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and if so their qualifications.


Parents will also be provided with information on the child’s achievement on state assessments. Timely notice will be given if a child has been assigned to, or has been taught for four (4) consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified.


Title I Annual Meeting:
An annual meeting is scheduled for parents of children who have participated in the Title I program. This meeting is held to review, plan, design, and evaluate the Title I program. A copy of the Title I Parent Involvement Policy is available at or by contacting the Edward Fenn elementary School Main Office.


Annual North Country Title I Conference:
The Title I Programs throughout the North Country organize a conference which is held every year at White Mountain Regional High School in April. It is open to all teachers and parents. Child care is usually available but please check first. Registration forms are available from the Edward Fenn School office and the Title I staff.


District Report Card:
The GRS Cooperative School District provides the community with information related to assessments, accountability, and teacher quality. This information may be released at a public meeting, via town/school report or via newsletters. All schools in the district have data on file. Individuals may request information by contacting the office at the individual schools or the SAU office.


NH Department of Education Website:


NH Department of Education Website has a wealth of information regarding No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Title I:


Complaint Procedure:
If an individual feels a violation of the Federal Requirements has been made, that person may make a written complaint which will be handled at the local level. If the complaint is not resolved at the local level, then an individual may have it reviewed by the state Title I Director. Forms are available for this purpose and available through the Edward Fenn office.


Information available in other languages upon request.  Inquire at SAU Office.

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