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Welcome to the Edward Elementary School Library, a hub of knowledge and creativity. Here, students embark on literary adventures and explore a wealth of information. Our collection features a diverse range of books, from enchanting tales to informative non-fiction, fostering a lifelong love for reading. Additionally, the library offers educational resources and technology to support academic growth and curiosity. We invite students and families to discover, learn, and imagine in this nurturing environment.

Children's section in a library featuring a large, round, blue carpet with a pond and lily pads design in the center. Bookshelves filled with books flank the carpet, and a stuffed giraffe toy is perched on one. Colorful book displays are present, and educational posters adorn the walls. The area is brightly lit and has large windows.

Library Resources

The library features a variety of digital resources, including an online catalog and Britannica Online access. A librarian/media specialist, being part of the school's full-time faculty, emphasizes the library's commitment to supporting academic exploration.

School Access ID: gorham / Passcode: gorham

Library Sites Listed Below Can Be Accessed for Free While in School Building

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